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“To further our main mission of improving the quality of life of People with Parkinson’s (PwPs), we offer patient and caregiver focussed educational and rehabilitative services through various free-of-cost mediums.”


At the PDMDS, our main medium of providing Parkinson’s-specific care to PwPs and their caregivers is through a network of professionally run, community – based support centres across India. The objective of having a support centre for PwPs is to provide a common platform for them to meet, share similar experiences and situations, various strategies they use and to motivate each other. By coming together, the PDMDS support centre members can offer each other emotional and practical support. In these spaces, PwPs will be able to learn more about Parkinson’s, its symptoms, management and treatment. But most importantly, PwPs become aware that they are not alone and that there are many more people who experience similar problems as theirs!

At the PDMDS, our sessions are designed using the evidence-based multidisciplinary approach of care for Parkinson’s which includes various rehabilitation strategies like physiotherapy, speech therapy, counselling, diet and nutrition, etc. These support centre sessions are structured with a combination of formal discussions, education, activities, exercises, demonstrations, and interactions that are beneficial for PwPs. Various exercises, tips and strategies shared in our sessions are focused on educating PwPs about symptoms of Parkinson’s, its management, slowing down the progression of it and empowering PwPs to understand and manage their condition in a better way!

Special sessions on Yoga, caregiver training, etc. are also organized regularly as a part of the support provided by the PDMDS. Support centres of the PDMDS help renew a sense of hope for PwPs in dealing with changes they experience with Parkinson’s. These regular sessions also give PwPs a chance to make new friends and to reduce feelings of isolation.

The PDMDS has a network of more than 60 support centres across 13 states in India! You can become a member of a PDMDS support centre near you to achieve all the benefits of the support group sessions we offer at the PDMDS

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Home Outreach

As Parkinson’s progresses, PwPs are likely to experience increased mobility impairments, and restriction. Some PwPs may also face severe cognitive and emotional challenges which would limit their participation in group activities.

The PDMDS provides a home outreach program for people with advanced Parkinson’s who may have become homebound, wheelchair-bound or bed-bound; which makes it difficult for them and their caregivers to access the support group centres. In such cases, therapists from the PDMDS pay a one-time free visit to the PwP’s house and assess current physical, emotional, cognitive states.

Based on the assessment, the therapists recommend relevant exercises, home modifications, tips and strategies to manage one’s overall functioning in the most optimal way possible, and ensure the safety of the PwP. During this visit, caregiver counselling is also offered, which involves facilitating the family members to understand their roles and responsibilities in caregiving in Parkinson’s, and learn ways to manage a person with an advanced stage of Parkinson’s. Caregivers are additionally assessed for signs of caregiver stress or burden, suggested ways to effectively deal with these and educated about the importance of focussing on themselves as well. All the services are aided by the relevant information sheets provided to the PwPs and caregivers to implement what was advised and regularly practice it at home.

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Patient Welfare Programme

Parkinson’s, being a progressive condition, brings with it the burden of lifelong medical management of the condition. Therefore, for PwPs who cannot afford the cost of medication, we provide medication, as well as assistive aids and home modification facilities, free-of-cost.

This program is offered to needy PwPs after an assessment of their socio-economic background by our team of social workers, in the locations where the PDMDS services exist.The patient welfare program has enabled many PwPs across the country to continue with their medical treatment for Parkinson’s and has also helped them with necessary assistive aids to maintain their mobility and independence.

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Individual Counselling Programme

Though our main focus is group-based activities, there are times when individual difficulties pose a significant challenge to PwPs and their families. Keeping this in mind, the PDMDS offers individual counselling services in certain cases.
Individuals with Parkinson’s experience different symptoms and have different challenges and therefore, understanding individual concerns of PwPs and their caregivers is a crucial part of support provided at the PDMDS centres.

Though our main focus is group-based activities, at all our support centres, a unique ‘welcome service’ for PwPs and caregivers who join our centres enables smooth induction into the organization and the support group centre. We attempt to understand individual concerns, assess the physical, psychological, cognitive and financial status of the PwPs and provide tips and strategies for their specific difficulties and overall well-being.

Additionally, counselling is extended for PwPs to understand the condition, symptoms and management of Parkinson’s in a better way, based on their initial assessment. The welcome service is also extended to caregivers who join our centres with a focus on helping them understand caregiver challenges, the different aspects of caregiving for Parkinson’s, and also tips to keep caregiver burden at bay.

Apart from our induction program, we also cater to the emotional and psychological needs of PwPs and caregivers, who need the same. We offer limited, ongoing individual counselling sessions to enable PwPs with better acceptance of the diagnosis, understanding and learning adaptive techniques to manage their symptoms, facilitate compliance with the therapy program, and also help caregivers with their concerns so as to aid informed caregiving for their loved ones.

To avail of the individual counselling service for PwPs and caregivers in Mumbai, visit our support centres in Mumbai or contact us on +91 9167622905 or +91 9987216057.

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