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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PDMDS has temporarily stopped conducting awareness programs at various locations in India. We have now shifted our awareness initiatives online by organizing webinars on various important topics related to Parkinson’s in multiple regional Indian languages.

The Neurology Update 2020, a bi-yearly conference for the field of Neurology, hosted Neurologists and Neuro- physicians from all over India and abroad to discuss the latest findings and developments in Neurology around the world.

Prof. Dr. Roongroj Bhidyasiri of Thailand interacted with PwPs and caregivers from our Society regarding various symptoms of Parkinson’s and how to manage them.

The PDMDS team and PwPs participated in the TATA Mumbai Marathon 2020 to fundraise and raise awareness for Parkinson’s! The team members participated in the Dream Run while the PwPs, accompanied by their caregivers, participated in the Champions with Disability run. PDMDS’ participation helped raise a lot of funds and awareness, and was covered in various news outlets.

The PDMDS organized a Sports Carnival for PwPs and their caregivers where PwPs enthusiastically participated in various group games like passing the ball races, passing the hoop, throwing a ball through the hoop, buttoning a shirt relay, and many more. The winners were declared, prizes and medals were distributed, and the evening ended with a Unity Walk for Parkinson’s by all present.


WPD was celebrated in Mumbai with a performance program by all our PwPs from the Mumbai support groups. The theme of this year was “Heroes Unite For Parkinson’s”, depicting the many struggles PwPs and their caregivers face, and how they overcome them with heroic endeavours. The program included dance and music performances, yoga, tai chi,boxing, and others.

Shake It Up For Parkinson’s, a fundraising event in its second year of existence, curated by Dr. Cheryl Misquitta, provided a platform for designers like Nivedita Saboo and Archana Kochhar to showcase their latest collections, along with keynote addresses by Dr. B. S. Singhal, Dr. Maria Barretto, Dr. Cheryl Misquitta and others, who spoke about our society and our cause. Nivedita Saboo also showcased her unique collection with adaptive clothing designed specifically for PwPs and the challenges they face while dressing. There were many performances including a dance by our PwPs, Latin ballroom dances by Tanz Verden International and a musical performance by Bidishah Mohanta.

The PDMDS team and PwPs participated in the TATA Mumbai Marathon 2019 to fundraise and raise awareness for Parkinson’s! The team members participated in the Dream Run while the PwPs, accompanied by their caregivers, participated in the Champions with Disability run. PDMDS’ participation helped raise a lot of funds and awareness, and was covered in various news outlets.


This fundraiser was organised to spread awareness about Parkinson’s Disease. The event saw an amalgamation of performances where the line up included fashion shows by three well known fashion designers, Neeta Lulla, Pria Kataria Puri and Nivedita Saboo. There were live performances by talented singers and instrumentalists, an illusionist and dance performance by the persons with Parkinson’s from the Mumbai Support Groups. The performance of people with Parkinson’s was the highlight of the show which they put up in a very short time of practice. The event saw famous celebrities and media personalities like Smita Thakerey, Terrence Lewis who extended the support for the cause.

World Parkinson’s Day celebrated on 9th April 2018 at Veer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak, Mumbai was attended by approximately 500 patients, caregivers, well wishers, donors and benefectors . People with Parkinson’s performed live showcasing their talents in a two hour event called ‘PDMDS has talent: You can do it!’ – depicting the myriad of talent present in them. People with Parkinson’s performed various items on the stage ranging from dances, singing, playing instrument to painting despite various physical challenges faced by them. Some shook a leg uniquely with their walking sticks and walkers, some overcame their tremors and stiffness and wielded magical paint stroke live on stage some challenged their balance difficulties and catwalked on Bollywood songs. Tai chi and yoga performance was much appreciated.

The Neuro Update is an international conference held by PDMDS ‘ sister concern Neuroligy Foundation for the education of neurology professionals around the globe. It was held from 16th to 18th Feb wheremore than 1500 neurologists from India and abroad participated. A special Parkinson’s capacity building patients and caregiver session was held attended by over 200 patients and caregivers. The programme was structured to address a variety of topics relevant to Parkinson’s disease, including management of non motor symptoms and current advances in the treatment of PD. Dr Beom Seok Jeon (Medical Director, Seoul National University, South Korea), was the guest speaker , followed by Dr Anthony Lang from University of Toronto. Their talk was followed by question and answer from the audience.

As part of the World Parkinson’s awareness month in April 2018, a unique awareness event was held at Bandra Gymkhana where lay people got an opportunity to meet , interact, and dance with persons with Parkinson’s. 100 people were sensitized to the daily struggles faced by people with Parkinson’s. In the comfortable space of this event, PwPs felt free to facilitate the “mirroring “ of nuances of PD through dance and movementwith people they had never met beforeand thus, make them aware of some of the everyday challenges of living with Parkinson’s.

Fifty participants including enthusiastic PDMDS team, neurologists, industrialists and general supports ran for PDMDS to support the cause of Parkinson’s Disease in The Tata Mumbai Marathon. The interesting and eye catching props ensured that lot of awareness was generated for this difficult condition.


In Mumbai, the epicenter of all the PDMDS activities, the musical and dance event titled “Unity in Diversity” resonated with the international theme of #UniteForParkinson’s. Here, the various festivals of India were used as channels through which PwPs displayed the benefits of therapies through various performances. A jaw – dropping Yoga performance through the Iyengar school of thought invoked this event. While Holi provided a colourful backdrop to showcase Art Therapy, the advent of the spring festival Baisakhi made the PwPs balle balle with Physiotherapy. The various rituals of Onam were the perfect mode to display the benefits of Occupational Therapy to activities

Together we move better- Shiamak Davar Live

‘Together We Move Better’, a fundraising dance show was organized in collaboration with the Shiamak Davar Dance Company on the 23 rd of September 2017, at Rang Mandir Auditorium in Bandra, Mumbai. The purpose of the show was to raise money for Parkinson’s, spread awareness about the disease, foster the feeling of community and togetherness, and most importantly, to give ourselves and our patients a unique opportunity to express ourselves through dance and music. In addition to our weekly group physiotherapy sessions, dance provides patients with an exciting way to exercise and stay active, provide a boost to their confidence, and be a healthy outlet for therapeutic release.

Shiamak Davar and his talented dancers dazzled the audience with a display of talent and explosive energy in various dances. The highlight of the night was a special medley of Bollywood numbers performed by Parkinson’s patients. Despite all their inhibitions, their fears, their symptoms, our patients went out

The PDMDS team and PwPs participated in the TATA Mumbai Marathon 2017 to fundraise and raise awareness for Parkinson’s! The team members participated in the Dream Run while the PwPs, accompanied by their caregivers, participated in the Champions with Disability run. PDMDS’ participation helped raise a lot of funds and awareness, and was covered in various news outlets.

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