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March 2019 Issue

This Issue covers strategies to deal with balance issues in Parkinson’s  and Occupational Therapy for PD.

March 2018 Issue

This Issue covers Deep Brain Stimulation and Depression.

Issue 18 April 2017

This Issue covers ‘Falls in Parkinson’s’ & updates on PDMDS.

Issue 17   11 April 2016

You have been eagerly waiting for the release of the next issue of Movement. This Issue covers ‘Pain in Parkinson’s’ & the best diet for people with Parkinson’s.

Issue 15   01 Aug 2013

You have been eagerly waiting for the release of the next issue of Movement. Let us start by sharing with you what we have been doing at our Support Group programs conducted at our 12 centers across Mumbai.

Issue 13   01 Nov 2011
Hindi article on Bladder Problems in Parkinson’s
This includes the Hindi version of the article on Bladder Problems in PD, published in Issue 13.

Issue 13   01 Nov 2011
This issue of Movement recaps our World Parkinson’s Day celebration 2011 and also touches various informative articles on bladder problems in PD to speech difficulties.
*Note: The blank pages are for the Hindi version on the article – Bladder problems in PD. It has been uploaded as a separate document.

Issue 12   01 Mar 2011
This issue includes an explanatory article on stem cell research along with the new support groups started at 2 new centers in Mumbai. It comprises of article on art therapy and a recap on this year’s PDMDS participation in the Mumbai Marathon

Issue 10   01 Nov 2009
This issue is a supreme blend of information about various aspects of the condition and related issues. It contains articles on dance therapy, speech and swallowing difficulties, diet and nutrition. The experts have written easy to follow tips which PwPs can follow at home with the help of a caregiver. Apart from this, this issue contains information about tax benefits and disability certificate for patients with Parkinson’s. It also contains personal experiences of patients with the society.

Issue 9   01 Apr 2009
This issue is an amalgamation of different topics. It focuses on various topics from the advantages of support groups to the non motor manifestations of Parkinson’s specifically cognitive impairment and dementia. In addition this issue also includes information on alternative therapy of Ayurveda. Following its role of creating awareness, this issue gives you a brief on various activities that the society has participated in the past couple of months.

Issue 8   01 Oct 2008
This issue of Movement has touched upon some very pressing issues like current research in PD, creating awareness about PD through different events, and living with PD in a way to share our lives with each other…

Issue 7   01 Oct 2007
This issue of Movement highlights the events of the year 2007, particularly the World Parkinsons Day celebration with the Yogacharya BKS Iyengar. It also includes articles on important aspects in the condition and care of PD such as; the Non-Motor Symptoms of PD, the Importance of Early Dagnosis in PD, and some poignant contributions from our patient member Mr. Arvind Mambro.

Issue 6   01 Apr 2007
This issue of Movement highlights a hallmark in the fund raising effort of PDMDS- our participation in the Mumbai Marathon 2007. It also includes interesting articles that give important information such as; the Significance of the Red Tulip, Exercise in Parkinson’s, Depression in Parkinson’s,  the Healing Power of the Mind from the perspective of a member patient, the Experience of Relocating by a patient member etc. This issue also highlights our endeavor for Public Awareness and Information in Bangalore, jointly with the Parkinson’s Disease Society of Karnataka.

Issue 5   01 Sep 2006
This issue of Movement carries information on the PDMDS events of the period between April and September 2006, particularly the Patient- Caregiver Seminar held in April 2006. It also includes articles on topics like; Yoga for Parkinson’s, Exercise in Parkinson’s, Speech difficulties in Parkinson’s, Pain in Parkinson’s, and also a report on Caregiver’s and their role in the lives of people with Parkinson’s.

Issue 4   01 Apr 2006
This, April 2006 issue of Movement begins with an interesting features contributed by one of our member patient. It also outlines the events of PDMDS over that period. The other features in this issue touch upon important information for the patients such as; Sleep & Pd, Some New Drugs in Parkinson’s, Info on disability certificates for persons with Parkinson’s etc. Information on some of the other National Chapters of PDMDS have been covered here.

Issue 3   01 Sep 2005
This issue of Movement outlines some of the events of the PDMDS in the year 2005. Additionally, it features articles on; the Motor Fluctuations experienced in Parkinson’s, Drug and Dietary updates and tips etc. It also includes the feature “Quest”, a Question-Answer exchange between persons with Parkinson’s and our medical experts.

Issue 2   01 Oct 2004
This issue of Movement outlines the very poignant step for Parkinson’s across the world- the Launch of the Global Declaration. It also has articles on very useful topics like Sexual Dysfunction, Postural Hypotension, breathing difficulties associated with anxiety in Parkinson’s etc.

Issue 1   01 Nov 2003
This is the pioneering issue of Movement. It outlines the events of PDMDS in the year 2003. These were some of the initial efforts by the society to reach out to its members. This issue also provides helpful information to the patients on topics like; treating drooling, weight loss as an indicator of Parkinson’s, and Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, Living with Parkinson’s, Driving with Parkinson’s etc.