Myths about Parkinson’s

Myth: Parkinson’s is contagious.
Myth: All people with Parkinson’s have tremors.
Myth: Tremor is seen only in people with Parkinson’s.
Myth: Parkinson’s is only a movement related disorder.
Myth: Parkinson’s affects only older people.
Myth: Parkinson’s is a result of past sins or karma
Myth: Parkinson’s is a genetic condition.
Myth: Parkinson’s can be cured.
Myth: Medication is the only treatment.
Myth: There is not much that can be done to help a person with Parkinson’s.
Myth: People with Parkinson’s cannot live independent and productive lives.
Myth: Parkinson’s is fatal.
Myth: I am responsible for Parkinson’s and I could have done something to prevent it.