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Patient has Parkinson’s, wherein his left hand & left legs trembles, He used to go for walk in the morning for 1 hour, however last week he had a fall; due to which he is not able to walk till now, the CT scan & MRI, MRA report are clear. Please advise as he lives alone

Patient is suffering from Parkinson’s for the past 17 yrs. He has been treated with Syndopa CR+ Ropark combination. He has lost his memory and is not able to recognize anyone. Is there any way that we can bring back his memory?

I am 60 years old Parkinson’s patient using medicine regularly. Recently I have started experiencing difficulty having intercourse with my wife. Is it the side effect of Parkinson’s or old age problem?

Does Parkinson’s affect the muscles in the throat; does it cause difficulty in swallowing?

I have Parkinson’s since 1994, under good control but I am get severely constipated. Is the constipation drug induced or disease induced?

How is Parkinson's diagnosed?

My father 55 was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 5 years back. He is on Syndopa and Syndopa CR (before sleeping). Off late we have noticed that it is taking 1- 1.5 hours for Syndopa to be effective in his body. Initially it used to take just half an hour. What could be the reason?

The patient has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 5 yrs ago. The medications taken are Pacitane, Pramipex, Syndopa CR and Syndopa. Off late the patient is having breathing problem. Is it because of some side effects of medicine?

How many days does it take for the symptoms to improve after starting the medication and are there any chances of pulmonary aspiration in Parkinson’s patient who was not on medication?

Once PD has been diagnosed as being moderate and treatment (Syndopa and Amantrel) is given, will there be chances of the disease becoming worse?

My wife is suffering from Parkinson’s for last two years. In spite of taking medicines she is not improving. Is it curable at all?

What are the side effects of drug Rasalect 1 mg and prolonged administration of Pramipex-1 , and Syndopa plus along with Entacom?

Though there are a number of Anti-Parkinson’s drug groups available in the market, for e.g. Levodopa, dopamine agonists and anti-cholinergics, I am confused as to which is most appropriate for patients at different stages of progression of Parkinson’s.

Please give me some practical guidelines about the use of the new drug Pramipex.

I have read an article that Nicotine patches reduce tremors. Please let us have your views.

For dyskinesias which drug is used- Amantrel or Pacitane?

What are the side effects of SYNDOPA PLUS medicine. Dr has prescribe to my father and he got lot of fewer his movements are getting limited , he is 69 year old. He also faced breathing problem during fever.

How to maintain (by which medicine) ON position of patient for long time?

My father is 78 years old and has advanced PD. However, it seems that the most distressing problems he is having are possibly due to side effects of the drugs. Every time he goes to the doctor, he comes out with more drugs to counteract these. We are seriously considering weaning him off all PD drugs. Is there a good reason why we should not?

I am 70 yrs old. It’s been 2yrs since I have been diagnosed with PD. I am taking Ropark 0.5mg & Bexol 2mg HS. If I take these medications in the morning, I feel very sleepy. After breakfast I feel very giddy & need to lie down. I also have tremors of Lt. Limb.

My wife 58, wt 68 kg ,memory perfect, diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2001 , is currently on Tidomet, Ropinrole ,Amantadine, Rasagiline and Syndopa CR (at sleep time), Presently she does not do anything simply crying throughout the day. She always tells that she is unable to walk and that her body and limbs are stiff or is getting jerks in body. Regular physiotherapy and massaging is being implemented. She has developed negative thinking. She complains and keeps groaning throughout the day. Has e

My age is 60 and I have Parkinson’s for the last 10 years. What is your opinion on surgery?

I am an avid reader of the PDMDS articles. My father who has been suffering for Parkinson’s for the past 15 years is now recommended for surgery at the age of 63. I would like to read more information on the DBS surgery and for whom and when it is best suited to be done.

Is there a centre in which stem cell treatment is offered in Mumbai?

How much protein one should have in daily diet since I am having Parkinson’s since last 6 years , age of the person with PD is 49 years & date of DBS 9 Nov 2010

The patient is around 80 years old and for the last few days, he has been talking non-stop, meaningless. Is there any remedy, how to handle this situation correctly?

The patient is the sole bread earner in the family and his work involves a high level of physical activity. Will the physical exertion worsen his condition and symptoms?

Do I need to take any precautions before starting Yoga?

In the night when I feel like visiting the washroom, on opening my eyes I see a black shadow as if someone is standing. First I thought that may be my wife there but she was sleeping. When I got up completely I found nothing. What does it indicate?

I have Parkinson’s since 1994, under good control but I am get severely constipated. Is the constipation drug induced or disease induced?

Is swelling in the feet a result of Parkinson’s disease or a side effect of medicines taken for Parkinson’s?

Has high blood pressure got anything to do with Parkinson’s?

Is Parkinson's disease common?

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My father has Parkinson's. I am 21 years old male. What are the chances of me getting Parkinson's?