While our elderly population understands the difficulties associated with Parkinson’s best, our youth has the drive, enthusiasm, energy and capacity to carry

forward the groundwork we are laying.  Volunteer your services to help us reach out to larger numbers of patients, and benefit with the joy of having touched someone’s life irreplaceably!

PDMDS often has volunteering opportunities in our support centers, events, our research work and more.

Student volunteer program
In July 2013, the PDMDS initiated a student volunteer program, wherein interested students of various colleges in Mumbai, were given the opportunity to interact with members of the PDMDS.

PDMDS anticipates more volunteers in the future to further carry on various activities. At present the volunteers give hands – on assistance to the core team during the various group sessions, whether it is Physiotherapy sessions, or creative sessions of origami and dance.

Further, their services extend to one – on – one sharing interactions with PwPs, who so wish to, in the comfort of their homes.

The Volunteer program also allows for a window to the creative ideas of the young blood. In this regard, the B.M.M. students of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, have helped the team strategize marketing and awareness programs. The Volunteer Program also provides scope to those volunteers who wish to work on the administrative aspects of an organization, as well as assist during research.

In the future, we hope to increase the scope and reach of our voluntary services to more areas that would allow volunteers to learn and have a life-enriching experience.

College life has a lot to offer but an opportunity like this may come by less often where you can make a world of a difference to someone who has a chronic, disabling condition. Here’s how you can help:

  • Drop and pick up a patient.
  • Write a story about a patient’s struggle and their resilience building process
  • Participate with patients in whatever they enjoy the most- music, dance, play, theatre, books, and movies! Help patients bring these aspects back into their lives.
  • Encourage them to build a support system around them, one that will help in times of trouble and one they can access easily.
  • Discuss about what’s happening in the outside world. Revive their memories related to politics, sports, cinema etc.
  • Help them with errands if needed.
  • Relieve the caregiver to finish outside chores when you spend time with the patient.
  • Do mental exercises, physical exercises after getting trained with us.
  • Help us with publicity, marketing, logistics and press coverage!

For more details you could contact us at 022-4977477 or write to us at pdmds.india@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you. Do write in!