Awareness Activities


With regards to awareness, the Society has two main goals:
–    To spread awareness about the condition of Parkinson’s to the common man.
–    To create awareness about the existence of the society, and about it being a patient – oriented NGO.

21_ParaS_Awareness-Activities3With respect to these goals, the society has participated in and conducted several events.

Since 2007, the PDMDS has been participating in the ‘Mumbai Marathon’ held in January every year, and been receiving support from Neurologists, other medical and allied health professionals, pharmaceutical companies, student volunteer and creative artist celebrities.

The society has also been taken to several old – age homes, other NGO’s and community centres, colleges, places of worship, medical and allied professionals, hospitals, corporate houses, residential complexes, and several other public settings, in the form of presentations and posters to increase awareness.