Global Reach


December 2003 saw the launch of the Global Declaration at the 7th World Parkinson’s Day International Symposium, hosted by the PDMDS in Mumbai.

This declaration was formulated by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Working Group on Parkinson’s and launched by Mrs. Mary Baker, the Chairperson of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association.

The Global Declaration is an assertion for commitment to the following causes (in brief) for Parkinson’s:

  • To provide People with Parkinson’s access to appropriate and affordable medical treatment, care and education about Parkinson’s;
  • To encourage partnerships between scientists, doctors, healthcare workers and researchers, in order to improve the management of PwPs;
  • To raise awareness about Parkinson’s and to allay the social stigma surrounding it.

In support of this cause, the declaration was signed by several prominent international personalities from the field of Parkinson’s healthcare, industrialists, and other celebrities, at its launch in Mumbai.


From 2003 to 2008, the Global Declaration was signed worldwide throughout the WHO global regions:

  • December, 2003 in Mumbai, India
  • April, 2004 in Toronto Canada and Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  • May, 2004 in Lisbon, Portugal
  • April, 2005 in Luxembourg and Bern, Switzerland
  • May, 2005 in Odense SO, Denmark
  • October, 2005 in Dublin, Ireland and Melbourne, Australia
  • November, 2005 in Sydney Australia
  • February, 2006 in Washington D.C., U.S.A
  • April, 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa
  • April, 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina